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▷ <b>Simple and powerful</b>

An innovative solution to manage your database.

Much more efficient than conventional databases.

• Easily create your forms and link them.

• Choose how to display, calculate, validate your data.

Your professional solution is ready to use!

▷ <b>Standalone and open</b>

Available on Android, Windows, OS X and Linux with JavaFX.

No in-app purchases, no subscription, no ads.

You can learn to manage your data without license.

Your data privacy is respected.

Extensive support for CSV, XML, GPX, PDF files.

▷ <b>Highly adaptable</b>

All users we know created very different binders.

For private collections or business managements.

They didn't found a suitable application on Google Play.

They just configured a binder for their needs.

▷ <b>Resourceful</b>

9 configurable field types.

Form sub-types, form parts.

Changes history, deleted forms restore.

Import CSV, XML files.

Create PDF, GPX reports.

Export images, CSV files from a forms list.

▷ <b>Active and responsive</b>

For 4 years, we are evolving the application according to users feedback.

So do not hesitate to contact us for any question or suggestion.

Because you have your say in this application.

All users benefit from each improvement.

▷ <b>And?</b>

We are not marketing experts.

Developing this application is a huge piece of work.

But we have very enthusiastic users.

So give it a try!

▷ <b>Example binders</b>

• World atlas: continents and countries

• Small shop: shops, products, productions, materials, stocks, components, invoices, invoice lines, customers, countries and cities

• List of notes: notes

• Customer relationship management: customers, cities, companies, transactions and events

• Family tree: persons

• Mentoring of learning: classes and topics

• School: courses, sessions, persons and participations

• Races results: races, racers and results

• Travel packing checklist: categories, baggages and objects

• Inventory: storages, objects and brands

• Bank accounts: accounts, categories and operations

• Medicines: doctors, prescriptions, medicines and intakes

• Jobs: jobs and customers

• Passwords: Web sites, accounts and categories

• Collection of books: authors, publishers, genres and books

• Collection of post stamps: post stamps, continents, countries and themes

• Collection of coins: coins, continents and countries

• Collection of recordings: recordings, persons, albums and genres

• Collection of recipes: recipes, ingredients and directions

• Locations: locations, spots and events

▷ <b>Calculation functions</b>

• Number: number of forms, days between two dates, months between two dates, years between two dates, days of a duration, distance between two GPS positions, text length, inverse, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, minimum, maximum, average

• Text: random, number, multilingual text, ISO date, text part, concatenation

• Date: now, binder last modification, addition, subtraction, minimum, maximum

• Duration: between two dates, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, minimum, maximum, average

▷ <b>Features</b>

• Fast input and automatic formatting.

• Automatic calculations, validations and statistics.

• Multiple speaking languages support.

• PDF report generation.

• Encrypted and synchronized data.

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